Triple Pepper Design is your resource for all brand related design based in Cape Town, South Africa and was formed in 2001. We currently focus on digital experience but that said, do not limit ourselves to that alone.  Triple Pepper Design’s primary focus has shifted from print design and advertising/marketing to digital. We believe in holistic brand experiences and end-to-end UX.

Currently, we are accepting work covering UX Design, UI Design for Apps, Mobile (iOS and Android) as well as web design and related tools. We are proficient in wire-framing, user flows, user testing,  mock-ups, interactive prototyping and a host of other UX related areas. We take an agile approach to tasks and feel comfortable being part of multidisciplinary teams – equally comfortable with all project stakeholders.

We have plenty of experience in digital storefront and e-commerce solutions for both desktop and mobile. We can also offer advice on aligning your brand strategy to it’s online presence – what we call UX strategy.  We focus on start-ups and the smaller brands who still need to formulate their identity and find their place online but we do not shy away from bigger brands. Please get in touch for more info.